Knowledge Visualisation

Cockx, K. (Participant)

Activiteit: Participation in workshop, seminar


Workshop storytelling, design and datavisualisation for academics Communicating the results of your research can be very rewarding, but doing it the right way is hard. In the first part of this workshop you will learn how you can apply basic principles of design and storytelling to improve your communication. You will also learn how you can tailor your messages to different audiences. By following simple rules, your communication will become clearer and will have more impact. The second part of the workshop is focused on datavisualisation. You'll get insight in the power of charts and graphics and by evaluating real world graphics critically, you'll learn the rules of good datavisualisation and you will be able to make charts that communicate your data more efficiently.
Periode23 feb 2017
LocatieBrussels, Belgium