Mentalizing and Autism: How does my brain read your brain?

Activiteit: Talk at a public lecture/debate


Decades of autism research has provided a relatively large source of information. Multiple neurobiological perspectives have been proposed, but the integration and clinical application still fall short. In this expert session, the cerebellum will be in focus - a brain area at the back of our head, crucially involved in the development of autism. Recent reviews seem to suggest that this brain area could help enable a theoretical integration. Furthermore, our lab has consistently reported the crucial function of the cerebellum in mentalizing; Understanding and recognizing own and others' thoughts and emotions. From these recent insights, we will look at the difficulties and strengths regarding mentalizing in autism, possible gender differences, and the possible implications for intervention and diagnosis.
Periode29 sep 2022
Gehouden opBrussels University Consultation Center
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