Microtiming: Morphing & Polytuplets (performance lecture)

Activiteit: Talk or presentation at a conference


How to “bend” spaces/subdivisions between two beats? I chose to explore, experiment and present two different ways to explore the infinite world of microtiming. This presentation will summarise these two approaches, and explain the way musicians performing and myself practiced to understand and integrate those concepts.
The first way, where the exploration of microtiming is a free area to wander between two defined rhythmic states, is quite organic. It comes from Malcolm Braff's concept called "morphing".

The other way is a totally new way that I named “polytuplets”. This idea comes from an original idea by Stijn Cools. During a conversation, he explained some experiment he was doing with two different tuplets, that he named splituplets. And by getting deeper in the conversation, I thought of mixing tuplets in a different way that could offer more variations and therefore came up with the name “polytuplets” for this concept. This approach allows to create irregular subdivisions although based on very regular and clear usual subdivisions. It demands a very high level of polyrhythmical integration in order to use it in a conscious and accurate way.
Together with Lúcia, Soet and Roeland, we will demonstrate some sketches of both approaches and some examples of practice we did to integrate those techniques. Please note that this is still a work in progress.
Periode2 mei 2023
Gehouden opKoninklijk Conservatorium Brussel, Belgium
Mate van erkenningNational