Music and Altered Experiences of Time and Space: A Proustian Perspective

Activiteit: Talk or presentation at a conference


Lecture-Performance with Jan Michiels
In this lecture-performance, music and experience of time will
be presented through a Proustian lens: escaping clock time and
objective space, engaging with lived time and felt space.
When the musician suspends individual temporal experi-
ence, a dialectic takes place in which the musical creation is
no more mine, nor yours, but of a third kind. The musician is
inherently part of that process as an instigator and follower,
an actor and observer. He or she is involved in the observation
of all the layers of time itself. The temporalities of music are
embedded in a process in which observation is not so much
“of” given facts, but observation “with” and “within” changing
processes. Performer and public merge in an undefined time,
wherein the sensorial input of the music not only instigates
an altered experience of time, but also an altered experience of
Through musical examples, this lecture-performance will
unwrap this kind of Proustian human experience and engage
with altered states of time and space as they occur in human
life—aesthetically or subconsciously, in situations like illness,
reflection, despair, wonder. Music performance is not only a
process in time. Like literature it also develops its own time,
engaging with and expressing, in its own language, altered
aesthetic, and subconscious experiences in life.
Periode27 feb 2020
EvenementstitelPolyphonic Performance Spaces
LocatieBrussels, Belgium
Mate van erkenningInternational