Nineteenth Warwick Symposium on Parish Research

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Parishes have always been about more than religion. Aspects like the election of representatives, allocation of pews or administration of funds moved communal concerns well into the political sphere. We know much about processes of social and confessional differentiation, but what exactly were the power relations in parish communities? How did localities negotiate their dealings with manorial lords, city councils and state authorities? To which extent were parishes instrumentalized for secular purposes like local government or even resistance? The 19th Warwick Symposium on Parish Research took the form of a webinar with over 100 attendees on Friday 7 and Saturday 8 May 2021. Proceedings were co-organized by Beat Kümin (Warwick) & Marjolein Schepers (IAS Fernandes Fellow/VUB), with the help of Warwick research students Daniel Gettings & Maria Tauber.
Periode7 mei 20218 mei 2021
LocatieWarwick, United Kingdom
Mate van erkenningInternational