Novembertagung 2016 on the History and Philosophy of Mathematics

Activiteit: Talk or presentation at a conference


The Many Faces of PMP - some thoughts on methodological heterogeneity Aspray and Kitcher (1988) described the philosophical landscape as consisting of two camps; in contemporary terms: mainstream philosophy of mathematics and the philosophy of mathematical practice (PMP). PMP is thus presented as a unity. 20 years later, Mancuso (2008) already saw two diverse traditions in PMP. And in a recent paper, Carter (201?) identifies three major strands in PMP (historical; agent-based; epistemological). PMP is not a homogeneous whole. Philosophers working in the field differ in opinion on such points as which methods are acceptable, what types of questions to ask and whether some aspects of mainstream philosophy of mathematics need to be corrected. There is disagreement amongst the philosophers of mathematical practice. In this talk I will highlight some controversies present in PMP. My aim is to make visible a methodological debate which demands our critical attention.
Periode24 nov 2016
EvenementstitelNovembertagung 2016 on the History and Philosophy of Mathematics