On the sensorial I: Experience and experiment

Activiteit: Talk at an external academic organisation


On the sensorial I: Experience and experiment (Kathleen Coessens)
Experience and experiment have the same ethymological origin: they both relate to our human condition. With Goethe we can remark that the search for knowledge and experiment have moved more and more from an open experiential investigation into a controlled laboratory setting. Instrumentalisation has taken over the role of human perception. Art however remains intricately linked to the senses, to a sensorial exploration and an output that appeals to the senses, the sensorial, sensitivity and sensibility.
Periode30 mrt 2015
EvenementstitelOrpheus Academy for Music and Theory 2015: Sensible and Sensorial Explorations in Music
LocatieGhent, Belgium
Mate van erkenningInternational