On the sensorial II: from life to music

Activiteit: Talk at an external academic organisation


On the sensorial II: From life to music (Kathleen Coessens)
All art is an appeal to our sensorial attributes. Art and music extricate a specific sensorial attention out of our broad spectrum of awareness. Orienting our sensorial awareness by framing and ritualising, art offers wondering, surprise, effect and affect. In subtle ways, the sensorial, the semantic and the semiotic fuse, opening new relations between emotion, meaning and aesthetics. With temA, a music piece form Lachenmann (1968), we will investigate how music can explore a heightened experience of sensitivity and sensibility liberated from everyday concerns, while still focussing on them.
Periode31 mrt 2015
EvenementstitelOrpheus Academy for Music and Theory 2015: Sensible and Sensorial Explorations in Music
LocatieGhent, Belgium
Mate van erkenningInternational