Oracle singing blind moves

Activiteit: Talk or presentation at a workshop/seminar


Oracle is an open improvisation practice where body, voice, identity and participation meet in the moment: a public, emancipative and sharable act that involves individuality in a communal setting. Oracle takes the interior and exteriorizes it vocally. The invisible becomes concrete, not through sight but through sound. By resigning from sight (we perform blindly) we access another form of self, heighten listening and awareness both of ourselves and the other, and investigate duality within and between ourselves and the spectator. Voices meet in (dis)harmony. Our physicality embodies the situation bridging (dis)harmony to the visual. The vocal architecture, blind interaction, and movement score create a space (of its own).
Periode27 okt 2016
EvenementstitelARTICULATE, Art Research Days 2016
LocatieAntwerpen, Belgium