peer review commissie voor de opleidingen Erfgoedstudies en Conservatie-Restauratie (Evenement)

Ann De Schepper (Peer reviewer), Verdonck, A. (Peer reviewer), Maarten van Bommel (Peer reviewer), Annick Schramm (Peer reviewer), Geert De Hoon (Peer reviewer)

Activiteit: Editorial activity


The peer review is part of the new programme assessment, which consists of a six-year cycle. As part of the peer review, the traning unit wrote a self-reflection report. A peer review team (PRT), consisting of both internal and external members and a student, assessed the programme on the basis of documents and interviews. In addition to the self-reflection report, the PRT was able to use a basic fact sheet with qualitative and quantitative data about the programme and the material from the programme's educational portfolio and the electronic learning environment Blackboard. The PRT was also able to view master's theses.
Periode17 apr 201918 apr 2019
LocatieAntwerp, Belgium
Mate van erkenningInternational