• PhD workshop, Ways of Archiving

Activiteit: Participation in workshop, seminar


The International PhD Workshop “The Ways of Archiving. Practices, Conditions and Discourses around the Study of Arts and Culture” opens a space for PhD training around the problem of archives, sources and fieldwork in the discipline of History, with a special focus on the study of Contemporary Art and Visual Culture.
To this end, the Workshop is divided into several theoretical and practical sessions, as well as a series of visits to archives and documentation centers in Spain and France. The aim of this formative space is to offer a critical and transversal approach to intrinsic and current issues related to the archival device and its associated practices. Ultimately, the originality of this Research Workshop lies in its dialogical vocation as it will bring together PhD students with national and international experts, generating a space for exchange that will enrich their ongoing research
Periode12 sep 202213 sep 2022
LocatieMadrid, Spain
Mate van erkenningInternational