River Deep Mountain High: Passageways or Obstacles within the Southern Carpathian Basin ?

Activiteit: Written proposal


Mobility is a central feature of past human societies. The Southern Carpathian Basin, located in modern day Croatia and Serbia, has an archaeological material record highlighting rich networks of trade, exchange and influences within and beyond the region. The physical geography of the basin; its vast river network including the Danube, the Sava and the Drava rivers, and the surrounding mountain ranges of the Alps, Carpathians, and Dinaric Alps, provide an excellent opportunity to study the impact of these features on mobility. In this project, the mobility of individuals in the Southern Carpathian Basin, from the Bronze Age, the Iron Age to the Roman Period, will be investigated diachronologically using strontium isotope analysis on both inhumation and cremations alongside chronological modelling of funerary practices and spatial analyses. This holistic approach enables the investigation of the role of the physical environment (mountains and rivers) in creating passageways or obstacles to human mobility.
Periode1 mrt 2023
Gehouden opFWO Aspirant, Belgium