science policy advisory activities

Activiteit: Consultancy


Independent observer IMI research projects evaluations, calls 15 and 16 (2018-2019) - Independent observer Horizon 2020 research projects (2016) - Scientific director at the Innoviris agency (2009-2011) - Mandate for the Belgian presidency of the European Council, science policy part (2010). - Representative of Belgium at ERAC and Chair of ERAC-GPC during the Belgian Presidency (2009-2011). - Representative of Brussels Region at the intra-Belgian concertation comittee (CIS-CFS) (2009-2011) - Advisor of the Minister for Science Policy of the Brussels Capital Region. General strategy, R&D project evaluation, financing and follow-up. Budget management (1995-2000).
Periode1 apr 199531 mrt 2012
Werken voorEuropean Research Council, Belgium
Mate van erkenningInternational