Skills And Instruments For Successful Transdisciplinary and Participatory Research Projects

Activiteit: CERL


16h training in participatory and transdisciplinary research projects.
"Amidst increasingly urgent and complex (global, urban,…) challenges, a growing demand for social relevance is driving cross-sector collaboration and transdisciplinarity in research in Europe (and European funding programs) and around the world. Universities and researchers are looking for ways to tackle the complexity of these challenges that single institutions or organizations can seldom address on their own. They require co-creation of knowledge and skills across institutions, disciplines, and sectors, bridging the local and the global level. To this goal, both an advanced theoretical understanding as well as practical methods and skills for transdisciplinarity are needed. This program consists of 4 trainings, that each focus on different dimensions of co-creative/participatory and transdisciplinary research projects. Several sessions will take place in active collaboration with partner organizations in Brussels."
Periode26 okt 20225 mrt 2023