Studiedag Historisch Interieur en Ontwerp

Marjan Sterckx (Chair), Linda Van Santvoort (Chair), Anna Bergmans (Chair), Verdonck, A. (Chair), Adriaenssens, W. (Chair)

Activiteit: Participation in workshop, seminar


The aim of the annual Historisch Interieur en Ontwerp conferences is to provide a forum and a stimulus for scientific research in Belgium into the history of interior design and design. This includes public and private historical interiors, and various forms of design history, ranging from crafts, objets d'art and industrial design, to graphic design, textile and fashion history. The emphasis is on Belgium/Lower Countries as a particularly rich but still largely unexplored research area. This mainly concerns (art) historical research, but also other research disciplines, including more technical and interdisciplinary studies, sometimes of great relevance to the heritage sector and conservation of monuments, are welcome, as well as recent artistic design research. Speakers are both senior and junior researchers.

Periode27 apr 2018
Locatiegent, Belgium
Mate van erkenningNational