The body in music making: perspectives from within and without

Activiteit: Talk or presentation at a workshop/seminar


This presentation will consider different ways of understanding this artistic body as the primary mediator in music making. First I will offer a view of the role of the body of the artist from within the artistic practice. The three trajectories of this view from within are those of the instrumental body, the discursive body and the transcended or thinking/moving body. The second perspective concerns existing research on the body from the outside: how can we understand and explain that body with prevailing theories from different disciplines? How can these insights and theories be applied to musical performance? Studies of perception, embodiment and philosophy offer complementary understandings and a potential discourse for the musician. Here, four approaches – an interface approach, enactive approach, network approach and transitional approach – are explored in terms of their value for an embodied understanding of musical practice.
Periode23 nov 2018
EvenementstitelResearch Day KLAP (Knowing and Learning in Artistic Practice) : Interactions of Musician's knowledge
LocatieBrussel, Belgium
Mate van erkenningRegional