“The ongoing moment”. Marianne Van Kerkhoven’s poetics of dramaturgy and its influence on contemporary theatrical practice

Activiteit: Talk or presentation at a conference


Marianne Van Kerkhoven (1946-2013) is globally recognized as one of the pioneers of contemporary dramaturgy (Lehmann 2006, 83, Jans 2015). Her work has highly influenced dramaturgical practices in theatre, dance and performance all over the world. The Routledge Companion to Dramaturgy describes her as “one of the leading dramaturgs and critics/essayists in Flanders and beyond [whose] aesthetic and political views have inspired generations of directors and choreographers” (Romanska 2015, xxxi). Nearly every contemporary publication starts with a quote from Marianne Van Kerkhoven (e.g. Dieho, 2009:9; Trencsényi & Cochrane, 2014:2; Hansen & Callison, 2015:5; Turner, C., & Behrndt, S., 2016:17). We want to discuss Van Kerkhoven’s ideas on a dramaturgy that intentionally positions itself –in her own words- “between the theatre and the world”. Our approach will be bifocal: Ronald Geerts will trace Van Kerkhoven’s ideas on dramaturgy from a more theoretical and contextual point of view: how she developed a view on dramaturgical practice that although firmly rooted in the Brechtian political theatre of the 1970’s, yet allowed to deepen itself in a postdramatic context toward what Boland 2015, 157 calls “procesdramaturgie”, or in the words of Van Kerkhoven 2009: “the ongoing moment”. Esther Severi will share her experience as a dramaturg at Kaaitheater who works in the line of Van Kerkhoven’s constant search on how to relate to the world through artistic practice and how to develop a dramaturgical practice in the light of an evolving field and a changing world. Or in Van Kerkhoven’s words: how to develop and maintain a balance between “major dramaturgy” (the world) and “minor dramaturgy” (the theatre).
Periode27 mrt 2019
EvenementstitelL'indiscipline dramaturgique. : Territoires de la dramaturgie.
LocatieLyon, France
Mate van erkenningInternational