The paradoxical body- the corporeality of states, words and sounds of corporeality

  • Coessens, K. (Speaker)
  • Neal Leemput (Speaker)
  • Jan Schacher (Speaker)
  • Niko Raes (Speaker)
  • Aline Veiga Loureiro (Speaker)
  • Adilia Yip On Ying (Speaker)

Activiteit: Talk or presentation at a conference


In this lecture-performance, six artist researchers of CORPoREAL will collaboratively compose and decompose paradoxical aspects of the body in performance. Each will present, investigate, demonstrate 'the corporeality of words, states and sounds' from her/his domain of practice and re-search in performance, be it dance, music or drama. These positions will trigger contra-positions or pro-positions; they will be contradicted or continued, confronted or juxtaposed by the others' interferences and perspectives. Interventions, questions, definitions, discussions and demonstrations will emerge concerning thinking bodies and thoughtless bodies, motion and emotion, immobility and mobility, action and agency, performance and installation, pain and aesthetics, sense and sensibility, text and body, tension and intention, states and processes, inside and outside, visible and invisible — not a definitive list. The presentation will shift back and forth between reflections and demonstrations on 'the corporeality of words, states and sounds' and those on 'the words, states and sounds of corporeality'.
Periode16 mei 2014
EvenementstitelLABO21 colloquium Thinking bodies- moving minds
LocatieAntwerpen, Belgium
Mate van erkenningInternational