The Rhythm Hunters

Activiteit: Talk or presentation at a conference


Stéphane GallandStéphane Galland presents « The Rhythm Hunters » Line-up: Louise Van den Heuvel (bass) Shoko Igarashi (tenor sax) Sylvain Debaisieux (alto sax) Pierre-Antoine Savoyat (trumpet) Wajdi Riahi (piano) Stéphane Galland (drums) Through various brand new compositions based on rhythmical principles influenced by multi-cultural traditions, Stéphane Galland and the Rhythms Hunters will perform live and go through the process of practicing and learning this new repertoire, exploring the different tools they used to integrate “complex” polyrhythms, various odd meters and changes of meters, to develop an organic and natural way of playing them. The presentation will consist of a live performance with musicians presently or previously studying at KCB, explanations of the music’s rhythmical aspects, and how they, as a band, practiced together to develop a strong feel of rhythmical unity. Finally, we will have the opportunity for an open Q&A with the public. The Rhythm Hunters is currently a work-in-progress and, therefore, will be presenting some aspects of the music that are still between practice and integration.
Periode24 mrt 2022
Gehouden opKoninklijk Conservatorium Brussel, Belgium
Mate van erkenningInternational