Towards a comprehensive understanding of Integrated Community Care (ICC)

  • Steurs, M. (Speaker)
  • Dorien Gryp (Contributor)
  • Monica Wouters (Contributor)
  • Leen Heylen (Contributor)
  • Verté, D. (Contributor)
  • Paul Van Royen (Contributor)
  • Verté, E. (Contributor)

Activiteit: Talk or presentation at a conference


Purpose: This study aims to develop a framework for a better understanding of ICC by providing insight into its objectives and critical success factors. This framework can be used by initiators and policymakers to develop ICC projects and formulate policy recommendations.

Theory: A decline in health greatly affects the need for care and support in older people. Governments, when confronted with an ageing population, apply the “ageing in place” policy perspective. However, recent studies have accentuated the influence of the location in which people live, on their social and healthcare needs. Yet, there is virtually no agreement on the objectives and critical success factors of ICC or ‘caring neighbourhoods’.

Methods: The study consisted of five focus groups with stakeholders of ICC in Flanders and Brussels (Belgium), divided into two groups: (1) stakeholders on the work field and (2) academic experts and policymakers of the Flemish and Brussels’ Government. The first group was questioned using the Multi-actor multi-criteria analysis method (Macharis et al., 2012), and the second group reflected on the outcomes. The results of the descriptive thematic analysis were compared and combined with key elements of ICC found in literature.

Findings: We identified 12 objectives with accompanying critical success factors, divided into: (i) seven process objectives; and (ii) five outcome objectives. The objectives deal with methods or strategies, goals or ambitions, and stakeholders, which correspond with key elements of ICC found in literature.

Discussion: This study allowed us to define a clear set of objectives and critical success factors determining the success of ICC. Future research is needed to understand the relative importance of each factor and objective and how it contributes to the success of ICC.

Macharis, C., Turcksin, L., & Lebeau, K. (2012). Multi actor multi criteria analysis (MAMCA) as a tool to support sustainable decisions: State of use. Decision Support Systems, 54(1), 610-620.
Periode19 sep 2023
EvenementstitelEFPC 2023 Conference Barcelona
LocatieBarcelona, Spain
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