Trampoline Variables: A General Method for State Accumulation in Reactive Programming

Oeyen, B. (Speaker)

Activiteit: Talk or presentation at a workshop/seminar


Reactive programming is all about relegating the management of a program's state changes to the realm of the runtime environment. Nevertheless, sometimes it is still necessary to enrich a reactive program with state variables that are explicitly updated by the programmer. In current reactive languages this is accomplished either by polluting the reactive paradigm with imperative constructs or by relying on built-in operators such as foldp.

This paper introduces trampoline variables, a new general mechanism that allows reactive programs to manipulate state explicitly without resorting to imperative programming. We show that our proposal is at least as powerful as existing built-in reactive operators. We also analyse how reactive programs with trampoline variables can be composed and how they can form the basis to replace stateful constituents of a running reactive program - a.k.a. hotswapping - in a coherent way. The latter is an essential building block towards live IDEs for reactive programming languages.
Periode18 okt 2021
EvenementstitelREBLS 2021: 8th Workshop on Reactive and Event-based Languages & Systems
LocatieChicago, United States
Mate van erkenningInternational