Webinar at Trinity College Dublin - Privacy, Data Protection, and Identity in the European Legal Framework

Activiteit: Talk or presentation at a workshop/seminar


‘Privacy’ and ‘data protection’ are two fundamental human rights. As complex concepts, they lend themselves to various interpretations aimed at protecting individuals; for instance, different authors have found that the two rights ‘protect identity’, as they oversee the management of information about ‘the self’ that constitutes one’s identity. The ability of privacy and data protection law to protect identity is being challenged by new Big Data technologies. Through huge capacity for analytics that draws on a combination of consent and ‘non-personal data’, Big Data technologies extract too much information about individuals, thereby influencing people’s identities. In this presentation, I explore the relation between ‘privacy’, ‘data protection’ and ‘identity’. In particular, I study to what extent Big Data technologies are continuously influencing people based on what can be predicted about them, while the legal tools that we have do not fully protect individuals in this regard
Periode21 jun 2021
Gehouden opTrinity College Dublin, Ireland
Mate van erkenningInternational