What is successful integrated community care (ICC)? A systematic literature review.

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Presentation of systematic literature review - abstract:

Purpose: The aim of this study was to gain insight in the key elements of ICC and formulate a comprehensive definition, as a first step towards the implementation of ICC.

Theory: Shifts in western countries alter the way care is organised. For example, governments when confronted with an ageing population, apply “ageing in place” as the main policy perspective, allowing people to receive care in their personal environment. However, recent studies accentuate the influence of the environment in which people deliver and receive care on their care needs. On that account, ‘Integrated community care’ (ICC) proposes locally, community-based implemented social and health care.

Methods: A systematic literature review was performed, searching five electronic databases with several search strings which we defined as closely related to, a part of or the same as ICC based on the preliminary results of the literature review. 64 articles were selected into two groups. The “concept-list” (n=19) included articles mentioning ICC or one of the search strings in the title or abstract, the “context-list” (n=45) contained articles linked to ICC but focussing on a different topic. Thematic analysis was used to code the articles.

Findings: Despite not being able to find a consensus on what exactly ICC entails, we did identify 8 key elements: (1) asset-based, (2) person-centred, (3) co-development, (4) governance, (5) locality, (6) improvement of mental and physical health, (7) improvement of the existing health care system, (8) tackling determinants of health.

Discussion: This study provides a comprehensive definition of ICC consisting of four main elements: ICC is an asset-based and person-centred approach that favours decentralised, collaborative, citizen governance with the aim to improve health equity in the community. Nonetheless, more research is needed towards the geographical scope of ICC and its implementation, as its importance is recognised by scholars.
Periode19 sep 2023
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