With Proust in time for music

Activiteit: Talk or presentation at a conference


Musical performance is an aesthetic, multi-dimensional, tempo- ral experience merging past and present, instantaneous action and duration, presence and absence, notation and sound, multi-sensorial perception and embodied action, succession and co-existence as well as personal, cultural and historical associations and remembrances.
Proust’s A la recherche du temps perdu, opens up the interpre- tational and experiential field of time and its multiple layers of time and remembrance, by using the model of music.
This lecture will consider a Proustian temporal layeredness and its appropriations of music from the perspective and experience of the musician. As such, the question moves from “how could Proust embrace music in his writing?” to “how can a performer embrace Proustian temporal insights?”
Three temporal planes will be introduced. The first plane is that of the musical time itself (le temps trouvé): this implies quantita- tive time like notation and concert ritual (chronos), as well as the qualitative time of interpretation and judgment in the moment of performing (kairos). The second plane involves remembrance (le temps retrouvé), including the performer’s sensorial, corpo- real and musical memory, as well as the music’s historical con- text. The third plane is that of temporal loss (le temps perdu): the performer’s state of flow and entrainment, implying a withdraw- al from everyday consciousness, but also from past and future.
Periode3 mrt 2019
EvenementstitelPolyphonic Performance Spaces
LocatieBrussel, Belgium
Mate van erkenningInternational