Youth, poverty and sport: What (can) coaches do?

Haudenhuyse, R. (Speaker)

Activiteit: Talk or presentation at a conference


What can you do as a sport coach when you are confronted with issues related to poverty, and in particular young people living in poverty? This is a daunting question that has troubled sport policy makers, educators, coaches and academics alike. Problematically this question has been largely ignored for some time now within academic sport research. What we do know is that people (at risk of) living in poverty, are less likely to participate in organized sports (Vandermeerschen, Vos & Scheerder 2013), and if they do participate, are much more likely to drop out (Haudenhuyse, Nols, Theeboom & Coussée 2013). What we do not yet fully understand is the role sport coaches play in this.
Periode12 nov 2020
Gehouden opFontys Hogescholen, Netherlands
Mate van erkenningInternational