"Creating Futures in Chojasivi: Proyecto CREA first collective visit to this community"

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A press note to inform about the first collective visit to the community of Chojasivi, where the team of Proyecto Crea aims to work. The purpose is to encourage transdisciplinary research and enhance the role of academia in local development. This work is related to the PhD thesis.  

Periode8 mrt 2023




  • TitelCreando futuros en Chojasivi
    Media naam/outletUCB web page
    Duur / lengte / grootte1 page
    Land/RegioBolivia, Plurinational State of
    Release datum8/03/23
    BeschrijvingThe team of researchers, facilitators and students of the CReA-Project UCB La Paz, along with representatives and inhabitants of the Chojasivi subcentral, carried out a series of activities on Wednesday, March 1 to strengthen knowledge and capacity building around water pollution awareness. The CReA project is supported by the VLIR-UOS funding program and aims to carry out inter and transdisciplinary actions for the improvement and sustainability of water pollution in the community of Chojasivi.
    Producent / auteurProyecto Crea-UCB
    PersonenGuadalupe Peres-Cajías