A collaboration between Linsy Raaffels of the æ-lab of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel and BRUZZ resulted in a documentary series of ten architects’ houses in the Brussels Capital Region, entitled ‘Het huis van de architect’. The series sheds light on both renowned and lesser known architects’ houses and each episode offers a unique view on one house and the experience of its current owner. The episodes were published both on the TV channel and website of BRUZZ. 

The series includes a broad range of houses with construction dates between 1900 and 1986, ranging in style from Art Nouveau to Modernism and even organic architecture. Some of the houses were already beautifully restored over the past few decades by their new owners, whether being an art historian or just someone with a heart for architecture. Other houses are on the verge of restoration today and are therefore recorded in the series prior to any intervention, showing the degraded state, yet highlighting the marvellous features. Yet, other houses are still inhabited by the architect himself or his/her children and thus remain virtually untouched until this day.

Periode2 okt 2019 → 18 dec 2019





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