R&I-value chain dependencies on China

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European Commission’s DG R&I initiative on the EU R&I Knowledge Network on China. This initiative aims to put in place a basis for a European structured approach towards China in the field of research and innovation. By gathering representatives of EU Member States’ R&I Ministries, the “Core China Group” (CCG), tries to identify and to tackle the most pressing issues related to R&I cooperation with China on EU level.

To support this process, the European Commission is also reaching out to independent experts on contemporary China. These will provide insights on the issues identified by the Member State representatives through discourse in expert meetings.

Periode27 mei 2021




  • TitelR&I-value chain dependencies on China
    Release datum27/05/21
    BeschrijvingThe EC's objective is to draft a policy paper with recommendations that will guide Member State representatives in their discussions.
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