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  • Markus Stoye (Creator)
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  • Swapneel Sundeep Mehta (Creator)
  • Anna Stakia (Creator)
  • Yutaro Akiyama (Creator)
  • Emil Sørensen Bols (Creator)
  • Shah Rukh Qasim (Creator)
  • Henning Kirschenmann (Creator)
  • Huilin Qu (Creator)
  • Marcel Rieger (Creator)
  • Loukas Gouskos (Creator)



"DeepJetCore: Package for training and evaluation of deep neural networks for HEP
This package provides the basic functions for out-of-memory training, resampling, and basic evaluation. For simple use cases, only two files need to be adapted: the actual training data structures, describing how to fill numpy arrays from root trees, and the DNN model itself. Both must be defined in an additional user package. Please refer to the Section 'Usage' for more information."
Datum van beschikbaarheid17 feb 2020
Datum van data-aanmaak2020


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