ISIMIP3a lakes input data



"The Inter-Sectoral Impact Model Intercomparison Project (ISIMIP) provides a framework for the collation of a consistent set of climate impact data across sectors and scales. It also provides a unique opportunity for considering interactions between climate change impacts across sectors through consistent scenarios.
The ISIMIP3a part of the third simulation round is dedicated to i) impact model evaluation and improvement and ii) detection and attribution of observed impacts according to the framework of IPCC AR5 Working Group II Chapter 18. To this end all simulations are driven by observed socio-economic information combined with either observed (factual) climate data or a detrended (counterfactual) version of the observed climate allowing for the generation of a “no climate change” baseline.
This dataset contains the lake area fraction (percentage of lakes in a grid cell) and the lake mask (total lake surface area in a grid cell, average surface area of lakes in grid cell) for the ISIMIP3a simulation round. It accounts for growing lake area fraction due to reservoir construction."
Datum van beschikbaarheid7 jun 2022
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