MUMI: Multisine for multiple input systems



MUMI: Multisine for multiple input systems: a user-friendly excitation toolbox for physical systems. Scientists and engineers want accurate mathematical models of physical systems for understanding, design, and control. To obtain accurate models, persistently exciting rich signals are needed. The MUMI Matlab toolbox creates multisine signals to assess the underlying systems in a time efficient, user-friendly way. In order to avoid any spectral leakage, to reach full nonparametric characterization of the noise, and to be able to detect nonlinearities and time-variations, multisine signals can be used. By the use of the toolbox, inexperienced users can easily create state-of-the-art excitation signals to be used to perturbate almost any physical systems.
Datum van beschikbaarheid22 nov 2021
UitgeverCode Ocean
Datum van data-aanmaak22 nov 2021


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