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SeaExplorer: a high performance glider. The SeaExplorer vehicle moves through the water by varying its buoyancy, resulting in very long endurance and stealthy actuation. It resurfaces regularly to transmit information back to the operator including its positioning, on the ongoing mission, etc…Its modular design includes an independent payload section located at the front of the vehicle. This section can be changed rapidly between two missions. It features two large compartments: a hyperbaric and a wet section. Sensors include Pumped CTD, Oxygen Optode, Turbidity, Chlorophyll, Backscatter CDOM, Hydrocarbon Fluorescence, Acoustic Detector & Recorder... The SeaExplorer does not have wings nor external moving parts which facilitates easy launch and recovery operations and reduces the risk of entanglement (plastic debris, seaweed, and so on…). In addition, the absence of any outside moving parts limits any risks of leaks. Due to its high ballast volume, SeaExplorer speed is 1 knot, twice as fast as competitors.The design has been green technology oriented. Power is only by rechargeable batteries. As well as avoiding pollution from primary batteries, the Li-Ion solution makes the glider safer as the vehicle does not need to be opened, and more cost-effective by avoiding the need to replace the batteries and re-balance the vehicle for each mission.A networked hardware and software suite allows constant vehicle supervision and mission control from anywhere in the world via the internet by using a server available 24/7 for vehicles calls. Endurance is enhanced by optimised standby modes for the navigation system and the payload sensors.
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NaamAMGC * Sea-Explorer
Datum aankoop/verwerving6/05/16
FabrikantenACSA ALCEN


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