Towards a versatile photoelectron spectroscope for in situ interfacial molecular studies in materials science

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X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) is worldwide recognised as an indispensable tool for top surface chemistry characterisation. In this project proposal, we aim at creating a versatile XPS equipment, enabling to perform
in situ molecular interface analysis in a wide field of materials science. As such, an ultraviolet source will be added, enabling first nm top surface analysis and giving insights in valence band levels and orbital hybridisation.
Furthermore, a gas cluster ion sputter source is considered into this proposal, in order to create well-controlled depth profiles of organic materials. The equipment will be expanded with a hot-cold stage and a preparation chamber,
enabling us to perform in situ surface treatments and complementary measurements without leaving the controlled environment. This will reduce the risk in creating chemical changes at the exposed substrates. Finally, the XPS
will be able to perform interface analysis on operando battery systems, providing unique insights in the chemical phenomena occurring in those materials, by adding a sample stage for electrochemical set-ups.


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