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  • 2023

    Analysing Infrastructure-as-Code Ecosystems

    Opdebeeck, R., Zerouali, A. & De Roover, C., 28 apr 2023, (Accepted/In press) Software Ecosystems: Tooling and Analytics. Mens, T., De Roover, C. & Cleve, A. (redactie). Springer

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  • 2021

    Design Requirements for Crop-Specific Online and Web-Based Portals

    Oteyo, I. N., Oyier, P. A. & Kimani, S., 20 nov 2021, HCI International 2021 - Late Breaking Papers: HCI Applications in Health, Transport, and Industry: 23rd HCI International Conference, HCII 2021, Virtual Event, July 24–29, 2021 Proceedings. Stephanidis, C., Duffy, V. G., Krömker, H., Nah, F. F-H., Siau, K., Salvendy, G. & Wei, J. (redactie). Springer International Publishing, Vol. 13097. blz. 596-615 20 blz. (Lecture Notes in Computer Science; vol. 13097, nr. 1).

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  • 2020

    From Causality to Stability: Understanding and Reducing Meta-Data in CRDTs

    Bauwens, J. & Gonzalez Boix, E., okt 2020, Proceedings of the 17th International Conference on Managed Programming Languages and Runtimes (MPLR ’20). Marr, S. (redactie). ACM, blz. 1-12 12 blz. (Proceedings of the 17th International Conference on Managed Programming Languages and Runtimes (MPLR ’20)).

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  • 2018

    A Study of Concurrency Bugs and Advanced Development Support for Actor-based Programs

    Torres Lopez, C., Marr, S., Gonzalez Boix, E. & Mossenbock, H., 2018, Programming with Actors - State-of-the-Art and Research Perspectives. Springer, Vol. 10789. blz. 155-185 31 blz. (Lecture Notes in Computer Science).

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  • 2016

    Unifiers as Equivalences Proof-Relevant Unification of Dependently Typed Data

    Cockx, J., Devriese, D. & Piessens, F., 2016, Proceedings of the 21st ACM SIGPLAN International Conference on Functional Programming - ICFP 2016. blz. 1-13 13 blz. (Proceedings of the 21st ACM SIGPLAN International Conference on Functional Programming - ICFP 2016).

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  • 2014

    Objects In Space

    De Meuter, W., Lombide Carreton, A., Pinte, K., Mostinckx, S. & Van Cutsem, T., 2014, Concurrent Objects and Beyond: Papers dedicated to Akinori Yonezawa on the Occasion of His 65th Birthday. Agha, G., Igarashi, A., Kobayashi, N., Mashuhara, H., Matsuoka, S., Shibayama, E. & Taura, K. (redactie). Springer, blz. 317-340 24 blz. (Programming and Software Engineering; vol. 8665).

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  • 2013

    Security and privacy of online social network applications

    De Groef, W., Devriese, D., Reynaert, T. & Piessens, F., 30 apr 2013, Social Network Engineering for Secure Web Data and Services. IGI Global, blz. 206-221 16 blz.

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  • 2012

    Distributed and Parallel Computing

    Van Cutsem, T. & Haller, P., 31 jan 2012, Actors in Scala: Concurrent programming for the multi-core era. Haller, P. & Sommers, F. (redactie). Artima, blz. 123-140 17 blz.

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  • Language Engineering for Mobile Software

    Bainomugisha, E., Cádiz, A., Costanza, P., De Meuter, W., Gonzalez, S., Mens, K., Vallejos Vargas, J. A. & Van Cutsem, T., mei 2012, Handbook of Research on Mobile Software Engineering: Design Implementation and Emergent Applications. Alencar, P. & Cowan, D. (redactie). IGI Global, blz. 150-166 17 blz.

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  • 2010

    Event-driven Mobile Computing with Objects

    Van Cutsem, T. & De Meuter, W., 28 apr 2010, Principles and Applications of Distributed Event-based Systems. Hinze, A. & Buchmann, A. P. (redactie). IGI Global, blz. 324-345 21 blz.

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  • Participatory Sensing for Sustainable Urban Life

    D'Hondt, E. & Stevens, M., 21 sep 2010, We Can Change the Weather: 100 Energy Efficiency Cases to Start Doing So. Wynants, M. (redactie). VUBPress, blz. 106-107 2 blz. (Crosstalks).

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  • Scripting Mobile Devices with AmbientTalk

    Gonzalez Boix, E., Scholliers, C., Lombide Carreton, A., Van Cutsem, T., Mostinckx, S. & De Meuter, W., 1 mrt 2010, Handheld Computing for Mobile Commerce: Applications, Concepts and Technologies. Hu, W. & Zuo, Y. (redactie). IGI Global, blz. 202-224 23 blz.

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  • 2009

    Feature Diagrams for Change-Oriented Programming

    Ebraert, P., Classen, A., Heymans, P. & D'Hondt, T., 2009, Feature Interactions in Software and Communication Systems X. IOS Press

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