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Eline Severs is a tenure-track professor at the Department of Political Science, Vrije Universiteit Brussel. Her research interests fall within the field of democratic theory. She is especially interested in democratic representation, the relationships between civil society and democratic governance, citizens' conceptions of democracy, and what it means to include historically disadvantaged groups. She has published on these topics in a wide range of scientific journals, including: Parliamentary Affairs, Politics, PS: Political Science and Politics, Politics and Governance, Representation: Journal of Representative Democracy, Res Publica, and Politics, Groups, and Identities. She has also contributed to various edited volumes on political representation, and has edited special issues, among which – most recently – a special issue on The Good Representative 2.0, together with Suzanne Dovi (University of Arizona), for PS: Political Science and Politics.  

Eline is a member of various research networks, such as the VUB Strategic Research Programme Evaluating Democratic Governance in Europe (EDGE) and the Excellence of Science funded inter-university programme REPRESENT that conducts research on citizens’ feelings of resentment towards government. Eline has ample experience supervising PhD-research. She is also the spokesperson-supervisor of an FWO-funded research project on political indignation and citizens’ expectations towards representative government (Project number G068917N, co-applicant: Kris Deschouwer).

Within her tenure-track (2018-2023), Eline has taken on the function of programme director of the inter-university and inter-disciplinary Bachelor in Social Sciences, jointly organised by the Vrije Universiteit Brussel and the University of Ghent. She is supervising a 50+ team of professors and teaching assistants, and 700+ students originating from approximately 100 different countries. She also coordinated, amidst the global Covid-19 pandemic, a self-evaluation report that is currently being reviewed by NVAO, the official accreditation organization of the Netherlands and Flanders. This review is part of the regular quality assurance controls performed on new teaching programmes.

Eline holds a PhD degree in Political Science from the University of Antwerp (2012). Her PhD dissertation was shortlisted for the Jaarprijs Politicologie, the annual award for the best PhD in political science extended jointly by the Dutch and Belgian associations for political science. Eline also received a best paper award, extended by the sections Foundations of Political Theory and Women and Politics of the American Political Science Association (APSA, 2014) for an article based on the data collected throughout her PhD-research.

From 2012 till 2015, she was also the scientific coordinator of the Policy Research Centre on Equality Policies (PRCEP) ('Steunpunt Gelijkekansen'), an inter-university research consortium funded by the Flemish Government Departments on Science and Equal Opportunities (2012-2015). It conducted policy-oriented research for the Flemish Minister of Equal Opportunities. For the PRCEP, Eline organised the Equal is not Enough conference in Antwerp (4-6 February 2015). More than 300 participants from across Europe participated in the event.

Eline has taken an active interest in promoting the political science community in Belgium. She served on the board of the Association of Political Science (Vereniging voor Politieke Wetenschappen) from 2011 to 2018, and also participated in (2015) and chaired (2016) the jury of the Jaarprijs Politicologie, shortlisting and selecting the best PhD in political science in the Low Countries.

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Lecturer at the University of Amsterdam

1 feb 201430 jun 2014

Scientific coordinator of the Policy Research Centre on Equality Policies

1 sep 201231 dec 2015


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