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1970 …2012

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  • Analysis of minor and trace elements in various matrices (biological material, foodstuff) using XRF, NAA, PIXE. Qualitative and quantitative analysis of radioactive contaminations with alpha, beta or gamma emitters. Absolute efficiency calibration of scintillation and proportional flow-through detectors for gaseous beta-emitters. Various qualitative and quantitative chemical analysis using HPLC, GCMS, IR and UV spectrometry. Irradiation of small laboratory animals and objects with calibrated gama sources. Irradiations with charged particle beams (protons, alpha, deuterons). Study and automatisation of separation and purification techniques for radioisotopes.
  • Development of radioactive molecules for molecular imaging and radionuclide therapy. Synthesis of precursor molecules. Optimization of the Radiosynthesis Methods with Radiohalogens (123I,131I,125I18F) and Radiometals (111In 3+,201Tl 3+,99mTc(III) and (V), 99mTc1+ - tricarbonyl). New radioiodination and radiobromination procedures applied in radiopharmaceutical industry (patent). Development of new radioactive compounds for diagnosis with SPECT and PET (brain receptors, brain tumors, tumours of periphery )( 4 patents). In vitro evaluation in cell models (over)expressing transporters and/or receptors. In vivo evaluation in rodent models (nude mice with tumours, rats with or without tumours) by means of (animal) SPECT and PET and dissection. European Project ( with Organic Chemistry VUBrussel, PSI Switserland, FZRossendorf Germany, Democritos Center Athene) on Radiometallo- chelated (111In, 201Tl, 99mTc,..) peptides as potential tumor tracers. Eureka project with University Zurich and Mallinckrodt Medi


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