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  • Optical characterization of dental resin cements-The role of the bonding resin cement remains a critical issue . When a cement polymerizes without adhesion to others materials, this shrinkage process will not induce stresses in the cement. Diffuse manifestations of the latter stress are pain, cold and heat-sensitivity and micro-cracks. If the tolerable stress is exceeded, clinically visible fractures occur. Any of these manifestations can lead to local or total loss of the composite resin cement-facing bond, due to percolation in the micro-leakage or micro-cracks and consecutive solution of the resin cement. We propose an original technique to characterize the amount of shrinkage of the cementing materials and the consecutive stresses appearing in the tooth-cement-facing structure during bonding using a special type of single mode optical fiber, namely highly birefringent (HB) polarization maintaining fiber.
  • Forensic science; Improved techniques and analysis in industrial investigations on dental materials (e.g.polymers,metals and porcelain) Research and arbitration in national and international legal/insurance lawsuits and dental interests;


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