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Sofie De Kimpe (born August 12, 1975) is a full-time Professor of Criminology in the Department of Criminology at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB). She holds a Master's degree in political science (administrative science) and criminology, as well as a Ph.D. in criminology obtained in 2005. Her criminological journey commenced at Ghent University, where she pursued a Ph.D. study on the discourses of senior police officers, specifically conducting a sociological study of the chief constables of local police in Flanders. Initially serving as an academic assistant and later as a post-doctoral researcher, she delved into criminological research on the police, police organization, and police practices. In 2007, she assumed the position of a professor in criminology at VUB, continuing her research within the broader field of police studies.

Between 2009 and 2013, Sofie worked as an academic expert for the Minister of Interior and the Belgian Federal Police, overseeing the project 'Police, a Learning Organization.' This initiative aimed to revamp the Belgian police education system, introducing a bachelor's and master's program for police studies.

Returning to VUB in 2013, Sofie dedicated herself fully to her academic career as a member of the Crime & Society research group (CRiS) (https://cris.research.vub.be/en/home), holding the position of a full professor in the faculty of law and criminology. She taught various subjects since 2013, including 'Introduction to Criminology,' 'Police Studies,' and 'Methods of Criminological Research' in the Bachelor of Criminology and 'Management in the Criminal Justice System' in the master. and 'Policing & Security.' Additionally, she chaired the education board of the bachelor and master in criminology at VUB from 2015 to 2018. Currently, she teaches 'Introduction to Criminology and the Penal Law and Justice System' (BA1), 'Police Studies' (BA3), and 'Profile Policing & Surveillance' (MA).

Her primary research focus is on 'police organisation and policing,' with a particular emphasis on frontline policing. She has extensive experience in qualitative ethnographic police research and interviewing. Alongside Lucas Melgaço, she co-leads the research line 'Policing and Surveillance' within the CRiS research group and is a co-promoter of the SRP III program titled 'Policing the Other.'

Throughout her career, Sofie has supervised numerous Ph.D. theses and research projects, focusing primarily on policing-related topics such as police stop & search, police education, discourses of drug detectives, police diversity, police racism, evaluating professional profiling, and technology and policing.

Sofie has actively contributed to various national and international police journals' editorial boards, including the International Journal of Police Science and Management, Panopticon, and CPS-Cahiers.

Notably, Sofie served as the chair of the EU COST ACTION network on POLICE STOPS (https://polstops.eu) from 2018 to 2022, alongside Mike Rowe as Vice-chair.

She has been an active member of the ESC WORKING GROUP ON POLICING (http://www.esc-eurocrim.org/workgroups.shtml#Policing).

Additionally, Sofie plays a crucial role in the Flemish Centre of Policing and Security (CPS) and is a member of the advisory committee of the Scottish Institute for Policing (http://www.sipr.ac.uk/about-us/advisory-committee), the Scottish counterpart of the CPS.


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