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Stijn Brancart is a postdoctoral researcher at VUB Architectural Engineering. He obtained his PhD in 2018, with a work entitled 'Rapidly assembled structures with flexible components: a dialogue between active-bending and transformability'. During his PhD project (funded through an IWT grant) he studied and developed innovative structural systems within the field of active-bending and lightweight transformable systems. As part of this work, he developed two full-scale structures: the Undulatus pavilion and ReciPlyDome. He continues this line of research, working towards a more efficient and less wasteful construction industry.

As a postdoctoral researcher, Stijn has been involved in different projects regarding circular design and design for change aspects, including the H2020 'Buildings as Material Banks' (BAMB) project and the Circular Retrofit Lab. Aside from his research activities, he is currentcly active at VIBE vzw, where he shares his expertise on circular construction through technical and vulgarising publications, education and counsultancy projects.

During his studies, Stijn was educated in both the technical and designerly aspects of Architectural Engineering, contributing to a multidisciplinary insight in building technology, material science and structural design as well as architectural theory, design and the socio-cultural aspects of architecture and construction. In his master dissertation Stijn developed a theoretical framework based on the concept of Planning for change, therein exploring a spatial planning methodology that incorporates urban processes and urban change.  


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