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Ir. arch. Zehra Eryuruk is a PhD researcher at the department 'Mechanics of Materials and Constructions' (MeMC) of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB). In 2010, she obtained the degree of 'Master of Science in Architectural Engineering' at VUB. 


During her master thesis research, supervised by prof. dr. ir. Marijke Mollaert, she analysed the subject of flexible formwork for concrete shells. The hanging fabric is used as a formwork for concrete, with the self-weight of concrete and pretension it is possible to create an equilibrium hanging form. By returning the model, a pressure shell is obtained. 


After her studies, Zehra started her career as an architect at Jaspers-Eyers architects. In 2014, after obtaining her second master’s degree in membrane and shell technology at the Institute of Membrane and Shell technology (IMS, Bauhaus, Anhalt University), she travelled to the United Arab Emirates to work into the membrane field as design manager. After 2 years of experience abroad, in 2016, she decided to come back and started to manage the company Hasmetal, her family business, specialized in aluminium and glass façade systems. Since 2018 she is lecturing the topic membrane detailing at the IMS Bauhaus.


In November 2021, she started her PhD research at the MeMC in collaboration with ARCH and defined a research topic about the environmental performances of membrane structures. This research, under supervision of prof. dr. ir. Marijke Mollaert, prof. dr. ir. arch. Lars De Laet and prof. dr. ir. Danny Van Hemelrijck focusses on the lifecycle assessments and end of life scenarios of membrane structures. 


The environmental performances of membrane structures.


While other building technologies engage in the ‘ecological’ aims, tensile surface structures do not yet quantify the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) problems and/or potential benefits. However, little research has been done on how to integrate the LCA into the design and analysis of tensile structures. 

Sustainability requirements, like reducing the use of non-renewable energy and material consumption and minimizing the total weight of the building are basic needs which must be considered from the design stage. Verifying the environmental impact of a project during the design, requires a specialized analysis.


The research will quantify, interpret, analyse, and compare the environmental performance of membrane structures with the tool OneClickLCA. Specific properties (separate structural skin, primary structure, travelling structures…) will be analysed with respect to circularity in use, recyclability, end-of-life phase etc. 


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