A Critique of Colonial Reason



The research that I would like to conduct during a sabbatical year focuses on two problems within Western cultural history: that of the colonial past and that of the current relationship with the foreigner in general and the refugee in particular. By deploying the concept of social imaginaries and the epistemology and ontology associated with it, this research tries to show how Western thinking is embedded in a worldview that almost inevitably leads to a tendency of exclusion and a tendency towards an attitude of superiority. In a dialogue with other, non-Western social imagineries, I then try to examine how we can arrive at a different world view in which decoloniality and critical cosmopolitanism are central and in which an ethics of hospitality is paramount. An updated interpretation of the Enlightenment concepts of world citizenship and hospitality could provide new impulses to the debate on identity and the values of Western Enlightenment. Academie education could contribute to this by striving to decolonize curricula.
Effectieve start/einddatum1/10/2030/09/23

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  • Philosophy of culture


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