AMIE-project : Ambient Intelligence for the Elderly.



Europe is currently the world's major area with the highest proportion of elderly citizens. The progressive ageing of the population will lead to an increase in the proportion of the people with impairments, disabilities or chronic illnesses. As a result, European governments need to face several challenges: improve medical treatment and support, find a more economically sustainable model of care and of the welfare state... The development and usage of new technologies, while not completely solving all the above issues, are likely to provide relief in many situations as well as to facilitate the care for the elderly and to make it more economically feasible.
The main goal of AmIE project is to offer a comprehensive response to the above concerns through the development and testing of a complete intelligent, distributed system (including sensors, actuators, distributed intelligence, databases, ubiquitous connectivity and friendly adaptive interfaces as its main ingredients) whose target is to improve the quality of life, providing customized support to all people in need of assistance, according to their own specific situation, and in a non-intrusive and respectful way. More specifically, the system will be able to adapt to the users' needs and character, helping them in getting through their daily routine in a way that is effective in providing support where needed without making them feel humiliated by excessive attention.
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