Duurzame ontwikkelingssamenwerking : het ontwikkelen van instrumenten voor duurzaamheidsbeoordeling voor PRSP's in de Belgische ontwikkelingssamenwerking.



Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers (PRSPs) have become a central concept in development co-operation since their introduction in 1999. The Belgian development co-operation agency DGDC aligns itself to these comprehensive country-owned strategic policy frameworks.

The Law of 25 May 1999 concerning the Belgian international co-operation stresses sustainable human development as the main goal of the Belgian co-operation efforts, while the environment is also considered a cross-cutting issue. Besides this, Belgium has ratified a number of multilateral environmental agreements and is committed to sustainable development.

It seems logical that PRSPs integrate sustainable development and environmental issues, but previously published documents (Bojö et al., 2004, Tharakan & McDonald, 2004) have proven this assumption to be wrong in many cases.

The present research project aims to support the DGDC in developing and testing a methodology for sustainability assessment of PRSPs.

The project comprised two main parts :

- a theoretical guidance document on how to assess the sustainability of PRSPs;

- a practical sustainability check of the PRSP's of the Belgian partner countries using a checklist;

Part 1 : Sustainability Assessment of PRSPs : guidance and background

The study takes off from the international context of sustainable development cooperation. It shows how PRSP's can be handled as key 'entry points' to introduce principles of sustainability in the international development co-operation.

Sustainability assessment plays an important role - as an instrument and as a policy influencing process - in the enhancement of the quality of PRSPs as holistic development strategies.

A method based on Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) is suited to the strategic policy level and inherent impact uncertainties of PRSPs.

Part 2 : Sustainability check of the PRSPs of the Belgian partner countries

The second part of the project responds to the need expressed by the DGDC to develop practical tools for a rapid sustainability assessment of PRSPs.

A checklist was developed to analyze the inclusion of aspects of sustainable development in PRSPs. This checklist of 85 questions allows to have a rapid overview of the sustainability strengths and weaknesses of a PRSP.

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