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General objective: To develop a land resource information system that can be used to assist in the selection of appropriate agroforestry species.

Specific objectives:

To perform an integrated assessment of existing local-level spatial information, local tree growth performance and local community objectives;

To develop a GIS database to assist in selecting appropriate agroforestry tree species in the study area;

To involve the stakeholders in the research process by identifying the trees for analysis and in the improvement of the GIS model through consultation meetings;

To disseminate the outputs of the model to the local community, as well as provide good practice and planning guidance to policy makers and farmers.


The major outputs of the proposed study will include maps showing locations of erosion hazard, land suitability and economic feasibility of the selected agroforestry tree species. The integrated results of the analyses will provide the basis for defining improved land-use options aimed at protecting the soil from further erosion, conserve land resources quality, and achieve economic feasibility for improved livelihoods of people in the study area.
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