The Research Community Research for Inclusive Education aims to prepare a European funding application that will allow the development of European teacher education programs to in- and pre-service teachers towards an inclusive society. It is about building a European professional teaching identity. The report of the UNESCO International Commission on the Future of Education published in 2021 recalls the importance of developing inclusive pedagogies (p. 161) as well as training teachers in teamwork (p. 165). While inclusion is a necessity noted in all European and international instances, thinking about Europe requires thinking about an inclusive European education. Educative Inclusion, in our view, is connected to the research of universal pedagogy (Bergeron and al. 2011) and intersectionality as the consideration of each learner, as a member with its own characteristic (socioeconomic, disabilities, gender, …) (Artiles & Kozleski, 2007). To have a collective view on how to train teachers for inclusive education, we need to rely on a common grid (Van Peteghem & Consuegra,. 2021) So this Research Community for training teachers towards Inclusive Education will start with working on that grid and build common vocabulary. Then we will share our research in a symposium during the ECER-EERA event of 2023 (EERA is the European Education Research Association) and then, publish it. We aim at expanding out CRC, and transform it into a research-action community, considering the founding members of this CRC are already part of a EUTOPIA Connected Learning Community.
AcroniemCRC Inclusive Education
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