Functional supramolecular systems (FS2)

  • Van Mele, Bruno (Co-Promoter)
  • Willem, Rudolph (Co-Promoter)
  • Baron, Gino (Administrative Promotor)
  • Du Prez, Filip E. (Co-Promoter)
  • Vanderleyden, J. (Co-Promoter)
  • Vanderzande, Dirk (Co-Promoter)
  • Waroquier, Michel (Co-Promoter)
  • Wouters, Johan (Co-Promoter)
  • Marin, Guy (Co-Promoter)
  • Jacob, P. (Coördinator)
  • European Partner(s), . (Co-Promoter)
  • European Partner(s), - (Medewerker)
  • Van Der Auweraer, Marc (Co-Promoter)
  • Jérome, Christine (Co-Promoter)
  • Lazzaroni, Roberto (Co-Promoter)
  • Jonas, Alain (Co-Promoter)
  • De Mesmaeker, Andrée (Co-Promoter)



Supramolecular chemistry describes the chemistry beyond the molecule and studies chemical species held together by non-covalent intermolecular bonds. It remains the aim of the project to develop novel systems, to understand driving forces that allow bi- and tridimensional organisation, to develop methods and tools to investigate, address, manipulate supramolecular structures and exploit their specific properties. In comparison with the previous project, certain timely new topics will be more emphasized, such as e.g. the bio-aspects, while other promising areas will be further explored. Specific research packages related to each of the four mentioned functional supramolecular systems, will be tackled at four different platform levels by several partners with complementary expertise and instrumental capabilities.
Effectieve start/einddatum1/01/0731/03/12

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