Eigen initiatief : HIV/AIDS/TB care and referral systems across levels of care (from community to tertiary AIDS clinic)



Overall developmental objective:

To improve HIV/AIDS/TB/STI care across all levels of care (from community to tertiary care) in the pilot project area.

HIV/AIDS, TB and STI are priority diseases in South Africa and Limpopo Province. The management of these diseases is difficult and complex. The already weak health care system in Limpopo Province cannot cope with the additional HIV/AIDS/TB/STI burden. Existing policies and management guidelines are not or poorly implemented. Current initiatives in the field are not well coordinated.

This project aims at improving the care for HIV/AIDS/TB/STI patients in the project area through the innovative implementation of the available policies and guidelines and through the strengthening of the health care systems. The continuity of care will be assured by providing services across levels of care. The project will increase the coordination of different initiatives and role players. The project would like to develop the project area into a center of excellence for training and referral.

Overall academic objective:

To support and develop the HIV/AIDS/TB/STI module of the PHC Nurse training at the University of the North.

The University of the North will start offering PHC Nurse training early 2004. The training has been accepted by the Provincial Department of Health and Welfare, but still needs further approval by the Nursing Council. The main problems, identified during a two-day stakeholder workshop (11 and 12 June 2003), are inappropriate staff, training sites, materials and methods and evaluation of training.

This project aims at supporting the HIV/AIDS/TB/STI module of the PHC Nurse training by offering technical and logistical support.

Effectieve start/einddatum1/05/0430/04/07

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