Studie van Doi-Hopf modules, met behulp van separabele functoren; classificatiestellingen voor gepunte Hopf algebras; categorische Galois theorie.



Multiple myeloma related cells expressing different isotypes can he found in bone marrow and peripheral blood using a patient-specific RT-PCP method, based on the CDR regions in the immunoglobulin gene expressed by the myeloma cells. When the myeloma cell expresses IgG, IgA sequences and sometimes IgM sequences with the same variable region and the same somatic mutations, can be detected. The nature of these myeloma related cells is unknown. Do they belong to the malignant clone, are they pre-malignant or do they represent normal switch variants ? In order to answer these questions, it is necessary to isolate and expand these myeloma related cells. Therefore, we have set up an in vitro culhlre system based on the "CD40 system", which is capable to support the outgrowth of long-term B-cell lines and in which plasma cell differentiation can be induced by a combination with different cytokines.
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