SOIB-project : Towards the development of a multifunctional coating evaluation sensor. + VERLENGING



This SOIB project proposal covers the development of a coating corrosion sensor into a device ready for the market. The product will be a sensor to detect and monitor the occurrence of corrosion on airplanes. Contacts with the aircraft industry (EADS) already exist and a lot of experience within this field was gained during past and recent research activities.
This device is the result of yearlong experience built up in SURF using Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) as a tool in corrosion studies. A part from this, the department gathered a considerable amount of knowledge in the field of surface layers and coatings used for corrosion protection of metals.
The sensor is based on multisine EIS. The specific character of this technique enables corrosion detection in an early stage. The technology is academically mature, but some major adaptions are needed to transfrom this into a product ready for the market. In the present state, detection is done using a potentiostat coupled to a powerful computer and a data acquisition card. Steps to be taken are: further validation, downscaling and increasing ruggedness.
On the other side, also the market has to be explored further. This must ensure that the device to be produced meets customer expectations and complies with regulations that apply in the field.
Towards the end of the project, a business plan and financial plan are aimed to be ready. This to maximize the chances that as a result of the project, a spin off company producing and distributing this sensor can be launched. The knowledge about the market gained in the project should also facilitate the necessary financing round before starting up the company.
As described in detail in the proposal, a number of parallel markets for the sensor exist. The development of the sensor for airplane corrosion should pave the path to develop alternative sensors for these markets, enabling optimum penetration of the large corrosion related market.
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