The Non-Religious and the State: Choices and Frameworks for Seculars from the Age of Revolution to the Current Day (inschrijvingen event)



For this conference, we welcome contributions that shed light on the fields of activity of the non-religious at large – be it organizations, networks or even committed individuals – and explain how their goals and ambitions impact upon the interface between the state and the religious or the non-religious. To what specific legal statuses have these processes led. What elements were taken into consideration when making these decisions? Who opted for a recognition of a non-confessional lifestance and why? Conversely, who opted for a wall of separation and why? Are things that clear cut? Doesn’t the variety of choices and frameworks offer a more varied spectrum? What continuities and discontinuities are to be observed in the history of seculars and their organizations since the end of the 18th century? How can these patterns, whether divergent or entangled, be mapped and framed within a broader conception of ‘multiple secularisms’?
Effectieve start/einddatum15/07/2222/10/22


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